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Wolf Documents Clearing Services Co. LLLC is indeed proud to have assisted large number of customers providing them with customised corporate solutions to set up business in Dubai, UAE. It is a matter of pride to the organisation to have made the life of entrepreneurs easier with the company formation assistance in UAE.

Company Formation

UAE is one of the world’s leading corporate hubs, making it an ideal place to set up a new business; Government is offering a supportive environment for foreign investors to start-up for many different types of businesses.

Trade License

Trade license is the most important document you need for company registration in UAE. There are four types of trade licenses available: Professional, Commercial, industrial & Tourism. Choose the best that suits you.

Visa Services

Obtaining a visa can be a tricky process but our team at Wolf Documents is here to guide you through the process. We will help with the documents review & getting all the necessary clearances for you.

PRO Services

We provide a PRO service that covers all professional document clearing services, including applying for a business license, trademark registration, passport clearance, and immigration processes.

Attestation Services

For most commercial and legal procedures in the UAE, Specific documents duly attested by the government have to be submitted. We have the professionals in-house that will do the attestation for you.

Labour Services

We offer a comprehensive range of labor and immigration services. Our team will help you take care of administrative tasks such as Labour Permits, Termination of job contracts, medical examinations and much more.

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Wolf Documents Clearing Services Co. LLC is an excellent and quality delivery service ensures that your urgent and important task complete quickly and reliably with complete facility. Apart from the company formation procedures, Wolf Documents Clearing Services Co. LLC offers various Government Approvals such as municipality, RERA, Civil Defence, SERA Approval, National Media Council (NMC) Approvals etc.Wolf Documents Clearing Services Co. LLC also offers Instant Trade License with Virtual Office, PRO services, Tax & Legal Advisory Services, Visa & License Renewals, ISO Registration, Trademark & Attestation services and other necessary approvals from Dubai Regulatory Authorities.
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Wolf Documents Clearing Services LLC is a leading Business Consultant in UAE offering the best services in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to set up business in Dubai, UAE.

Wolf Documents Clearing Services LLC has very well gained immense recognition and has been one of the most preferred business solutions providers. Contact us anyTime if you need assistance.


Business Plan in UAE

There are many variations Business Plans available to Register in UAE; Select One which suits you.
E-Commerce License
AED 5750 As Low As
5 Free Business Activities
100% Ownership
Free Meeting Room Access
Free Business Address
Shared P.O.Box
Flexi Desk Lease Agreement
Dubai Freezone License
AED 12500 As Low As
3 Free Business Activities
100% Ownership
Free Meeting Room Access
Free Business Address
Shared P.O.Box
Flexi Desk Lease Agreement
Dubai Mainland Package
AED 14990 As Low As
100% Ownership
Free Co-working Space in Dubai/Downtown
Free Meeting Room Access
Free Business Address
Shared P.O.Box
Flexi Desk Lease Agreement

Advantages of having Documents Clearing Services Company

Without a document clearing service provider, there is a greater risk of mistakes or errors during the document clearance process, as there is no one to verify the accuracy and correct documents. Documents clearing companies ensure a smooth process and less difficulties with applications as all our services are provided from A-Z.


Documents-clearing services improve efficiency by simplifying the paperwork process, saving you time, and reducing manual effort.

Cost Savings

Documents clearing services provide cost savings by reducing the need for expensive legal services for business startups, and visa processing.


Documents-clearing services improve accuracy by ensuring that all required documents are provided to completed task correctly and in a timely manner.

Regulatory Compliance

Documents clearing services ensure that all paperwork is completed in accordance with relevant regulations, and help avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Security & Hassle free

Documents clearing services provide security, protecting of sensitive data, and peace of mind from all the processes needed.

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